23 June

Summer’s Here!

Well, from the way my kids are running all over the place, it must mean that summer is here! We had great response to our One Day Senior Portrait Session Sale and we're looking forward to the sessions with all of you who booked. We've only got a few dates left on our calendar for July and August, so take a look and schedule online, or give us a call to set up your session appointment. As the summer rolls on, things start to get crazy around here... and if you're into sports or other school related activities, your schedule will be as busy as ours. If you missed the One Day Sale, don't worry. We're still offering discounted session fees for any sessions booked in June (40% off) and July (25% off). There's been a little confusion about this, so I'll try to clear it up a bit. To take advantage of the session fee discount, contact us in June or July to schedule your session for any time during your Senior year. The session could be scheduled for June or July, but it doesn't have to be. Hope that helps. And for those of you who follow the blog and our Facebook/Twitter stuff, we're going to be announcing the availability of a couple of ultra-rare Friday sessions. Keep watching. Wen's been doing some killer stuff with our models and some of our 2010 Early Birds. I'll post some of the images in the next day or two. Until then -sean