21 August

A Walk Down Memory Lane

We had a great time with Kelsey and her family on Friday. We went from the studio, through the traffic to old town Fredericksburg and back out to Hartwood to plop a beautiful couch down in the middle of a field... yep, we do things a little differenter out here in the country.

Kelsey found us through a friend we had done a shoot for a few weeks earlier (oh yeah, be sure to spread the word... tell everyone you know about your favorite little photo studio out in Hartwood...) We were looking to get some more shots from old town, and wouldn't you know it, her favorite restuarant just happens to be there. I also heard rumors that she took her turn at the wheel of the riverboat way back when.

Her mom, dad and sister couldn't have been nicer (her dad went and got her dinner during the shoot and carted a couch all over Hartwood!) We sure hope they had as much fun with us as we did with them.