28 August

Calling All Chairs…

Okay, we admit it... we've got a thing for old furniture (and the funkier the better...) We've always got our eye out for that cool old chair or bench (we've bought about all the sofas we can handle right now) and then we thought, "hey, we've given away lots of furniture we didn't need any more... maybe some of our friends have some that they're looking to get rid of."

So, here's the deal. Take a look around and if you run across a chair (we're thinking like living room kinda things... unless you've got a really cool wooden chair or rocker...) or other piece of furniture (an old trunk, coffe or end table) snap a picture of it and slip it in an e-mail to us. If it strikes our fancy, we're gonna hook up the trailer, swing by your place, snatch it up and give you a free session... you're happy, we're happy... everybody's happy! So muster up your courage and forage around in your garage or basement or attic and see what ya got!