1 April

Dan and Adam

The first time we saw these guys was at a MVHS Varsity Basketball game. The home crowd was making some noise and there they were, right down front with the cheerleaders helping to get everyone involved. At halftime, when the Special Olympics basketball team was being introduced, Dan grabbed the banner and ran out onto the court, waving it high above his head... and from the response of the crowd, you would have thought Michael Jordan was being introduced. We've watched them strut their stuff on the catwalk as the Hosts of the MVHS Prom Fashion Show (I hope somebody has that on video!), Dan opens the door for us when we show up at Mountain View (Dan, do you ever actually GO to class?) and we're looking forward to watching Adam play ball (next home game is Friday April 4th!)

Spring break gave us a chance to get these guys out to the studio (and running around downtown F'burg) for some long awaited images. We've got a bunch more stuff in store with them, but for now, here's a little bit of what we came up with.