Fall Photo Tip: Using Leading Lines
4 October

Fall Photo Tip: Using Leading Lines

ip 301Fall has arrived and that means one of the best times to take beautiful pictures. With the sun being lower there are longer shadows cast and warmer light which make the colors just burst out of the frame. As you take your fall photo hike or simply have your iPhone in hand when you walk to the bus stop or mailbox, think about taking a moment to create your own piece of art. There are several elements in creating an interesting and captivating photograph. But today I am going to narrow in on leading lines. Think about the subject you are photographing. How can you lead your viewer into the image and draw them to your subject? Look for natural lines to lead the way. Here is a quick list to get you started.
  • Stepping stones
  • Walkways
  • Road
  • Shoreline
  • Trees
  • Clouds
  • Shadows
  • Buildings and Structures
  • Floorboards
Explore by using a new vantage point. Get down low to take a shot. This is one of the great advantages of shooting with an iPhone. I like to hold the camera all the way to the ground to find an interesting and unexpected angle.
By using the rope as a leading line to the boat and bringing the camera all the way down to it, I was able to create a leading line that adds power and unique perspective to this image. The shadow being cast adds its own element of detail and interest that just makes this image work for me.