17 August


Okay, now that the coach has seen it, I can pop it up here.


We did a shoot with some of the guys from the Mountain View High School Varsity football team. Coach Cooke was great and really excited about the shoot. We spent the morning with the guys on the last day before the real practices began (coach said they wouldn't be in much of a mood to take pictures once the real practices started!) We were thrilled to get a chance to do some shots with some of the guys at the school... the girls all seem to want to get pictures, but the guys are a little more reluctant... until they spend some time with us and see that it's not nearly as horrible as they expected. From the reception I got when we showed up for the second part of the shoot later that night, I think they had a good time too.

We didn't end up using any of those shots because as Wen was getting some test shots and I was stringing an extension cord through the fence to power the smoke machine, the sprinkler system on the field cranked up! I outran the coaches as we grabbed the various equipment as the sprinklers closed in on us. We went with the backup plan, but we knew we had this shot already in the can. I dropped off one for each of the guys yesterday, so we'll post some reactions in the next couple of days. The coaches all saw it and loved it. Huge thanks to Kevin Beach for giving us the heads up these guys... but more about that later.

Have a great season guys... we'll be at the games to cheer you on!