9 August

Hangin’ Out in the Land of Lincoln, eh

Okay, before we begin this post, let me say thanks to everyone who has recently checked out our blog (which from the stats we've received, is well over 200 in the first two days!!) Please check back regularly, as keeping it updated is one of my job responsibilities... also, please leave comments so that we know you're keeping up with us... c'mon, show us some love. And be sure to tell all of your friends too... Okay, commercial is over, now back to the regularly scheduled post already in progress...

We spent an amazing couple of days kibitzing with a very cool group of photographers from around the country and even one from The Great White North. (can you find me and Wen' in the photos?) We saw some incredible work, received lots of encouraging words, ate way too much great food, drank our share of our favorite beverages (I can't even get Belhaven around here!) and I even found time for a couple of cigars. Special thanks goes out to D.J. who almost missed his plane because we were so busy sharing stories that gave each other goose bumps... it was truly that kind of trip.

Here are a couple of images from a shoot we took part in... oh yeah, and I'm pretty sure that my official job title is now SHERPA...

If you haven't seen our studio yet (or even if you have) give us call and drop by sometime... we're having a blast!