14 December

Live! From the Island of Misfit Toys

Just wanted to drop a quick note to let everyone know that we're alive and well (very well, actually) and getting settled here on Tybee Island, or as I've taken to calling it in the spirit of Christmas, the Island of Misfit Toys! It's taken a bit longer than I thought to get communication back up and connected (guess the beach distracted me...) and I wanted to make sure that if you have tried to get in touch with us and were unable, all should be good now... give us another shout. I'd talk about the Ocean view and the warm sunny days, but I'm already in the doghouse with a few of you back up North, so hopefully this will make you feel a little bit better. We're going to be venturing back to the land of Ice and Snow (or at least the land without 72 degree winter days... oops... sorry) for a few days before and after Christmas, and we're ready to work! So, if you've got family in for Christmas, or have decided that this is the year to have that Family Portrait that you've been talking about for so long taken, we'd love to make that happen. Get in touch with us and we'll get you on the schedule. We're looking forward to a few days with family and friends, but we can only stand to be away from the beach for a few days (oops... did it again) so space is limited. Let us help you capture the memories of what is truly important at this time of year... Family. Merry Christmas, from ours to yours. -sean