2 February

Logan, Snow and Paintballs – Gotta Love Winter!

Alrighty then! We've been talking about some of the new stuff that we've wanted to do and how when things slowed down a little in the winter (like they usually do) we'd see what happened... well it happened last week. We had a great time with Logan, who made the mistake... uh I mean excellent choice, to let us pretty much do whatever we wanted to. He's apparently quite the bowler (and if you're thinking "you can't possibly do cool pictures about BOWLING... well you'd be wrong!) and avid paintballer (sure, you see the connection too) Logan had spent some time with us last year for the Prom Dress Fashion Shoot, so he was pretty comfortable and easy to work with. It's when we decided to break out the paintball gear that things got really cool. You see, Wen is an amazing photographer. I, however, am not. I do fancy myself as quite the amateur guerilla filmaker however (I know, sounds impressive, huh?) and I just happened to have a couple of batteries charged up and ready to go. A little bit of clear plexiglass and Logan being a very good sport combined to give us a really cool little video (something I'm planning to do a LOT more of!) Oh yeah, we also got some really cool shots, and capped it all off with Logan blasting a hole in the ceiling of our dressing room (who knew paintballs would go through DRYWALL!) and adding another unique signature to the ever growing collection! So, when you're thinking about where to go for YOUR Senior Portraits, I'm thinking the decision is getting easier by the day? lg_326 Wen McNally Photography - Logan Bowler Logan also did a really cool testimonial for us. I'm finishing it up and will be posting it on our YouTube Channel soon.