4 March

March Forth!

Happy March Fourth! (FORTH!)

This is a fun family holiday that we (the McNally's) have celebrated for years. The story of how it got started and what we do can all be found in the March 2007 issue of Family Fun Magazine. See the images posted in this blog.

I was asked by the senior photo editor of the Disney owned magazine to take the photo for the publication. I was eager to take on the assignment and excited to have one of my images appear in such a widely published magazine.

The family was paid $100 from the magazine for publishing our story. We have decided to donate the money to who other than the MARCH of Dimes. We thought that it would be appropriate to go along with our marching theme as well as it is such a worthy cause. I had already been to a leadership meeting for the Fredericksburg area March of Dimes as I was planning on putting a team together for Wen McNally Photography.  The family agreed to join me in the walk on April 28, 2007 in Fredericksburg. We will be the Wen McNally Photography / McNally Family / March Forth team ! Wow! Can we fit all of that on our t-shirts?  I think that it will be a great time to be together with the family and out in the community for such a great cause. If you would like to support our team or join us in the march please email me wen@wenmcnally.com for more details.

M4th_0082_2 Here are all of the kids marching on the front porch of Gram and Grampa's house to appease mom for a picture. Notice all of their t-shirts? That was a neat story in itself. I will have to post another blog with the details but check out the March Fourth Marching Band for some music like you have NEVER heard before!

My son, Bryce won the coveted golden boot today for achieving his goals this year.  We had a great day spending time with family after the marching, voting and goal setting took place. As well as making fun of each other for all of the goals that we set and did not quite reach! It is all taken in fun and we'll try harder next year.

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