11 December

Nights on the Town

I've always said that I've got a lot of class... it's all low, but I've got a lot of it. Well, we had the cultural week of weeks last week. Two trips to the theater and one to a photography show. We spent Wednesday night with a great friend of ours from way back (Happy Birthday Eileen) at a dinner theater production of South Pacific... I'm not a big musicals guy (okay, I'm not even a small musicals guy) so I'm going to simply say that it was great to see our friend and to meet some of hers. (Wen said that it was good, because she's a lot more open minded than I am) Thursday night we were totally unprepared for the amazing production of Twelfth Night put on by the Mountain View High School WildActs. I'll be the first to admit that I don't get Shakespeare and that I really was planning to go in support of the team, who we've recently done some work with. It would take too long to go into it right now (but feel free to ask me if you care to) but this little production has had an immense effect on our lives and the way we're looking at the future (I'm not kidding!) Bad weather has turned out to be a lucky break for you... the show was supposed to be three nights, but has been expanded to two more shows. Seating is limited and I'm buying 6 tickets, so you better get there quickly. This thing deserves it's own post, so I'll leave this one where it is. Friday night we had a chance to see our good friend Ian Soper. He has recently published a book of his photographic diary of the first year of the Fredericksburg All Ages music scene. Ian's a great guy and he has a huge heart. I haven't been able to be as much a part of this scene as I woudl like to, but hopefully this will change next year. It's easy sometimes to think that all of the exciting stuff is happening somewhere else. Things like these quietly remind us that even our own back yards hold unexplored treasures... I'm gonna go dig some up