4 July

Pockets of Organization

As I am learning how to navigate though WordPress some posts might seem trivial or meaningless. As a little exercise for myself, I wanted to add some pics taken with my iphone after editing them with snapseed. A fantastic photo app that I discoverd this week. I saw that it was offered free for one week earlier in June, and I missed that deal. But as a professional photographer and always wanting to tweak a picture, even if it was just shot in my phone, it is still worth $4.99 to me. I just organized a new purse that I bought and thought I would share a fun cheap way to get it all together. I was looking for clear zipper cosmetic bags at the dollar store this week and couldn't find any. I did come across these pencil pouches though and knew I could make them work. I bought one of each color. Here is how I filled them.   20120701-092822.jpg 20120701-092831.jpg 20120701-092841.jpg 20120701-092848.jpg 20120701-092857.jpg 20120701-092904.jpg