4 February

Prom Dresses Everywhere!

You gotta love it when things go like they did on Saturday. We have teamed up with the MVHS PTSO to help promote their after prom party. One of the things they are doing as a fundraiser is a very cool Prom Dress Fashion Show event in the MVHS Auditorium March 1st at 6:30pm, featuring designer dresses provided by Evening Express.

Well, if you're gonna do a fashion show, you gotta have some promotion, and who better to dive in with both feet than your favorite little studio in Hartwood.

What started out as 4 or 5 students showing up to help us out turned into nearly 40 students and a session that ran from 9am until 7pm. Wen' shot nearly 1200 images and now we're digging through them to design the posters for the show, which will be on the walls by the end of this week.

The day was great and the fashion show is going ot be a blast. Thanks so much to all of the students who spent their Saturday hanging out with us and helping us to get some amazing images. You'll be all over the place in the next few days! Also special thanks to my way cool mom for helping with the food and for generally being the coolest mom I've ever had... (oh, and the windows in the production room look awesome)

The dresses will be available for purchase the night of the show and will be exclusive. If you buy one of these, Evening Express guarantees that they won't sell another in the same color and style as yours to anyone at MVHS! No more showing up with the same gown and you don't have to run all over the face of God's green earth to get it! There will also be vendors from many other Prom related business. It'll be pretty much a one stop shop.

Here's a quick preview