14 September

Sorry, We’ve Been Kinda Busy

Have you ever turned and said to someone "When it gets back to normal...", only to quickly realize that this was the "new normal"? Yeah, I thought so.

We've had a crazy couple of weeks, getting ready for the already mentioned Booster Club shoot at the school. But things just kept on rolling from there! We've had a blast with a bunch of really great seniors, the return of a beautiful young fairy and a wonderful mother to be. And as if that wasn't enough, we got whisked out to one of our favorite places in the whole world for an awesome destination wedding session (I'd tell you the story, but it's really one you've got to hear from Wen. It's wild... we so have to write a book someday!) and ended getting to spend time with some of our most favorite people on this planet, who just happened to be assembled from all parts of the globe (have I mentioned lately how much I love this job?) And that doesn't even get in to the surreal evening we spent with a super cool couple and soon to be much closer friends (and fellow night owls...)

Everybody better buckle your seat belts and hang on tight... this is gonna be a great ride!

Here are a few of the images...


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