1 November

BIG NEWS… Some Cool Changes

Exciting things are happening for the Wen McNally Photography family. Three years ago, we took the plunge, I quit my job and we took Wen's hobby to another level, building a studio and going "full time." Along the way, we've built great relationships with our customers and provided lasting memories for countless families. As with any new business, there always seemed to be "one more thing" to do and we spent most of our waking hours (and many when we should have been sleeping) trying to turn this dream into a reality. And we've been largely successful in that effort. Recent changes in our own lives, primarily the graduation and subsequent decision of our oldest son to join the Coast Guard, have given us pause to stop and rethink much of our lives. God has blessed us with 5 amazing kids, who have been incredibly supportive of the amount of time and energy we've had to devote to the business in these early stages. They have sacrificed right along with us and have seldom raised any complaint. Having taken a step back to ask ourselves "what kind of life do we want?" we've reaffirmed that our family is the absolute most important thing to us in the entire world. So... we're going to be making some changes First of all, the business is going stronger than ever, with new ideas popping up every day and Wen having the opportunity to travel around the country teaching aspiring and established photographers some of the things we've learned and implemented on this crazy journey. Much will stay the same, but some major things will be changing during the next few weeks. One of the biggest changes will be the relocation of our home and studio (those of you who ventured out into the boonies to experience all that a session with Wen has to offer, won't have to travel so far any more.) The opportunity to rent the house right next door to my parentsā€™ house has popped up seemingly over night and based on our discussions over the past few months, we took it as a "sign." We will continue to have a studio space (and yes, the Red Doors are coming with us...) as well as outdoor space, woods and an entirely new Senior Portrait setup like nothing you've ever seen, that we couldn't do at the old studio. There will also still be popcorn and the amazing slideshow presentation of your images. We really feel like we've been given the opportunity to have the best of both worlds and we are feeling incredibly blessed to be able to do what we love to do for a living. There may be a couple of hiccups in the next few weeks as we get the phones and computers switched over (please leave us a voicemail or drop an email, we WILL get back to you) The new space should be ready to go by the middle of November and we can't wait to start creating amazing images and capturing life long memories in a whole new environment. Those of you who have orders currently in progress, we'll be contacting you to arrange pick up and or delivery of your completed orders. Thanks to everyone who has allowed us to become a part of your life (and for becoming a part of ours) and for those of you who haven't yet been part of the Wen McNally Photography experience, we're looking forward to hearing from you. Live your life... TODAY! -sean and Wen