High School Senior Photographer - Savannah GA Before moving to Georgia, I had a studio in Fredericksburg VA and I specialized in photographing senior portraits. One of the best things about being a high school senior photographer is that these kids keep me young at heart. I have a passion for telling people stories through my lens. It is a beautiful stage at this time in a senior's life. A milestone moment to capture who they are before embarking on the world and creating a life of their own. Through the years I have developed a relationship with my senior clients and their families. I have gone on to photograph their weddings and babies. I just love to complete the circle of life! Here are a few tips to help you in selecting the right high school senior photographer - Savannah GA hbe sure to take a look at the photographer's senior photography portfolio and see if you have a connection with their style. Do the images show off the senior or the photographer? Do they all look the same, or can you read the individual's story? Can you order professional quality products from the photographer and do you have the ability to order digital files. How many outfit changes are included are you encouraged to bring props? Do you get images with the session and are the images fully retouched? There are many ways to deliver photography services these days. Make sure you understand exactly what you are purchasing when you reserve a photography session and compare apples to apples. Not everyone with a camera is a professional photographer. If you are searching for a high school senior photographer - {Savannah GA} Please take a look at some of the senior photos I have taken and give me a call or text 540-841-2641  I would love the opportunity to tell your story. Senior Football Player high school senior photographer - Savannah GA