29 October

Libby Didn’t Do It!

Rumors of the demise of the sofa are greatly exaggerated!

But before that, be sure to grab a couple of bucks and your friends and show up at the last Mountain View Home Game this Friday night... the SOFA is back!

Okay, now onto the business at hand. There was a great little write up about our now nearly world famous sofa (okay, maybe not THAT famous) in the October issue of the Mountain View newspaper. I had been sent a quick little note with some questions regarding what had happened to the sofa I made a silly comment that we all saw Libby break the sofa... and that's when Libby's downward spiral began to take shape. She nearly became an outcast, shunned by friends and foes alike. And that's not cool, because we really like Libby... (oh, and for the record, it really looks like it was Kawnr who broke it, which is kinda funny because he ways what like 95 pounds?)

So, here's my official apology to Libby for nearly ruining her life with my uncaring comment, and your chance to get something FREE!

Be one of the first 10 people to stop by the van on Friday night and tell me that "LIBBY DIDN'T DO IT" and you'll get a free, limited edition "LIBBY DIDN'T DO IT" t-shirt! Just think, when KatiCo. is all famous and stuff, you'll be able to say you knew Libby Didn't Do It all along!

We love you LIBBY! See everyone at the game!

(the information in this post may or may not have been exaggerated for dramatic effect...) Libby