29 June

Life’s reboot…intro to my blog.

So this is the first official post of my blog. I figure this will be a sort of catch-all and clearing house for whatever stuff is happening in my life and I want to share in a more permanent way than facebook. I will probably create a few other blogs along the way that will have a more specific purpose than this one, but till then, I will just figure out how to navigate through the blog-o-sphere with this one. A little about me...I have just recently relocated with my family to Tybee Island GA from Northern VA. Many of my postings here will be about the new life that we have found here. It is a crazy little town we live in and we are so happy to call it home now. I have been married to the same wonderful man for 22 years. We have five of the most amazing kids. Two boys 19, and 18. Three girls 14, 11, and 8. Sometimes you just come to a crossroad in life and need a complete overhaul. That is exactly what we did 6 months ago. I am a professional photographer and my husband works along side of me. We are reinventing business with our move as well as our life. This is both exciting and scary...but not as scary any more, now that we have settled into island life as locals. We have all had to figure out what our new normal is since moving here. That can be a little difficult, since there is NOTHING normal on Tybee! It is a community of about 3,000 residents but it is also tourist town where the population swells to 30,000 in the spring and summer months. We purposely decided to live here during the winter for three months to see if we would fit in as locals...well that only took about two weeks and we were hooked. I hope to share some funny stories of life on Tybee, as well as some challenges we have gone through to cause us to reinvent life. I will probably post a few (or hundreds) of pictures...since that is my life's passion. I would like to think that I will write on a somewhat consistent basis as a life goal of mine is to push though years of fear of communicating through text. I don't like to be held back by anything, especially something as stupid as that. I used to be an extreme introvert and have torn down that wall a few years ago. I love to read blogs that are brutally honest, and I can only hope to be that open here, at least in due time. ~wen