Marriage – Sometimes its Work.
6 April

Marriage – Sometimes its Work.

20130406-100719.jpg Two summers ago we were sipping iced drinks from a quaint rooftop bar in historic Savannah. Humidity dripped down the glass when I lifted it to my lips. Getting to know new friends in the city we were moving to was exciting. No kids in the picture yet, they were happily enjoying their early married years. Laughing as they talked about the fun they had together, camping, traveling and going out with friends. They shared stories of how they enjoyed growing their business working side by side. I admit I was a bit envious, and for a moment I wished Sean and I waited to enjoy only each other longer in the youth of our marriage, before accepting the task of parenting five kids. Life was grand and carefree for this couple. Mentally I was recounting the years that already slipped by in my own life. There is always more that you don't see, hear or know about. We never hung out with our new friends again, but we did connect on facebook. A couple days ago, one of their pictures flashed across my computer screen. Clicking on their profile I noticed the name change. After looking through each of their timelines, I learned that three months after we met them, the honeymoon was over. They split everything and moved on in search of new love and adventure
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Photo credit Kami Myles - Piece of Me Photography
It did not take 23 years for me to realize that each day of marriage is not always an exciting adventure. Sometimes it is hard work to keep it together. I am thankful that Sean and I make daily choices that are pro "us" and continue to love each other through our weaknesses, not just the happy times when everything is fun. If you are married or considering marriage, count the costs and make a decision to keep at it. "Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did." Newt Gingrich