10 March

More Mountain View Posters

So there we were, our little area staked out in the cafeteria to do a couple of shoots that had been scheduled for a couple of weeks... and it turns out to be team picture day! We had to laugh a little bit about that one. (We'll let you be the judge about which one's you like best...)

We had a great time with some of the guys from the Lacrosse and Baseball teams, as well as in impromptu shoot for some of the newly coiffed Soccer players. (behind the scenes images may follow.)

Be sure to get out and show your support (the people behind the scenes would really appreciate it... trust me on this one!) A huge thanks goes out to Carla Astrab, Coach Lopez, Mr Courtney and to everyone we put in front of the camera... you guys were great and we think you're gonna like what you see!

Here's a little teaser.