“Take Better Photos with Wen”

untitled--13 Hello! Thank you for expressing an interest in my new photography course: “Take Better Photos with Wen” I have a few options I'm offering depending on what you are looking for and your individual interest and needs. There is something for everyone with options for both the online self paced learner, the more personalized hands on private lessons and a mix of both. If you want take better pictures of your family and friends, landscapes, or you would like to step up your game for your business and social media presence...everything starts here with a basic understanding of photography, exposure and composition. Capturing and preserving the everyday moments of our lives are what will keep the stories being told for generations to come. I hope you will join me for one or more of the courses I am offering. In addition to running my own full time photography business for the past twelve years, I have taught many private lessons and workshops. Technology is now here in both photography and communication that we can combine the two creating a new learning experience to take your photography skills to the next level through my ongoing membership classes. It doesn’t matter If you just got your first digital camera, you’re blowing the dust off the one you received years ago or even if you just like to take great photos with your fancy smartphone. I will walk you through the steps to understand what many of the knobs, buttons and settings do. We will discuss how to set your camera to capture exactly what you envision, and how to quickly switch to the brilliant automatic settings and get great photos at any event. You may still be using a film camera and the basics of photography apply, however the course’s focus will be on digital photography. I’ll assist you from image capturing, downloading, sharing and long term storage. Eventually higher course levels may be available to include Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom editing. The following options are available starting in February 2017: Online Group Class $35 month (recurring billing) Members Only Online Facebook Group will be designed to benefit all members. With a combination of fresh content, other resources, examples, questions, answers and discussions to get you up to speed and creating your own beautiful images quickly. This will start with photography basics and as your graduate to other levels, more advanced groups and will open up to you. In Person Private Lessons $50 month (recurring billing) For those that are local to me and want a more individualized hands on instruction, you have the option of monthly private classes with ongoing personalized support via email or private chat. These classes will be scheduled as private lessons, according to your schedule and mine and will meet on Tybee. Private lesson students will also benefit from having access to the larger group discussion online and access to monthly group photo events. Lessons are 90-120 min. Limited availability. Online Private Lessons $50 month (recurring billing) This is for the online learner that wants a little more individualized attention but is not able to come to in person private lessons. By utilizing an online video we will have a scheduled appointment and discuss in real time your questions and lessons. Online private lesson students will also benefit from having access to the larger group discussion online Monthly Photo Education Gatherings (Free with all paid memberships or $50 for one time attendees.) All local members are invited to attend the once a month group photo event at no additional charge, this is just an added bonus of living locally. These will be located on Tybee and occasionally in Savannah. The events will last 3-4 hours, and will include a variety of photographic topics of focus such as but not limited to portraits, beach photography, night photography, scenic and landscapes, using a flash, reflector and natural light. Fun times await with hands on group instruction, discussion, questions and answers. Please understand with these monthly group events, I cannot provide one on one instructions on how to use your specific camera. These events will be free to all members of either Online Learning or Private Lesson Students. Events will also be available for non-member attendees for an event fee of $50. I have intentions to create short video lessons and segments from these events to be made available in the online group for all members that are not local or could not attend the event in person. Private Lessons without membership $100 per 2 hour lesson. Same instruction as the private lessons without the commitment of recurring billing and no ongoing support group. Limited availability and lessons booked as schedules allows. Meeting at Tybee locations. Pay as you go per session. Email me for availablity wen@wenmcnally.com


Payments for membership subscriptions will be made through secure PayPal recurring payments. Simply enter your credit card or PayPal information and you will be billed monthly from my PayPal auto pay account. There are no long term contract agreements. I understand that life gets busy and our hobbies and interests change as we grow and evolve. If you decide after a few months that you have gotten all you desire from the membership or decide to move along, you can quit at anytime by sending me a notice in writing to terminate your membership, only paying through the current months you have been already been billed. To get the ball rolling, and for me to best serve you, please fill out this 10 question assessment survey to help me know what level of understanding in photography you have, what kind of equipment you are using and what your personal photography goals are. Simply click this link to access the survey.  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8B6G8JD To choose a subscription option based on the above descriptions make a payment choice by using this dropdown menu and click subscribe:
Membership Subscription Options
I am so excited to get our creative juices flowing!! 2017 is going to be awesome! Happy Shooting, Wen