10 October

Senior Pics Aren’t Just For Girls!

Things just keep crankin' along here. Monday's Columbus Day Marathon kicked off a week that's leaving us looking forward to a vacation... the kids have voted for surfing in Costa Rica... gotta love kids. Our daughter Baylie is now two tonsils lighter and I spent the weekend hanging out with a bunch of really cool guys from all over the world.

I think we've done more guys pictures in the last two weeks than we have in the past two months... c'mon guys, it's not at all like going to the emergency dentist bronx, we promise! I think we might even have a record for the fastest myspace upload of a teaser image... under ten minutes.

We continue to get a steady stream of lovely ladies, and they're not all high school seniors either.

Thanks again to all of you who keep spreading the good word about us. We're having a blast and it's because of you.

Here are the latest ones