14 May

Seniors in the Slow Time

We had a chance to do some great Senior sessions even during the "slow" season. Chris has a great look and is absolutely hysterical. We've had a great time getting to know him through the drama department at Mountain View (do yourself a favor, if you ever get a chance to catch hin in any production, DO IT!) Billy plays Lacrosse at Mountain View and we've worked with his mom, who is in charge of the booster club. She wasn't at the session and so he decided to mess with her and told her that the images came out "alright." Her tears during the slideshow lead us to believe that she thought they were better than that. Jeremy thought it would be cool to bring his friends from Connor and Dylan to join him for a few images in his session. They've got a lot of history together and we had a great time capturing their friendship. Jackie brought a couple of beautiful of guitars and her dog with her. She's a great singer/songwriter and we're hoping to get an invite to her next show! Meghan plays softball at Mountain View, and had a great season with an overall record of 17-1-1. Paige loves reading and her border collie "Annie." Kyla plays the cello and has a cool, funky style. We've got a lot of history with her family. Wen and I actually met at a band practice in her dad's basement over 20 years ago. Amy is in band, journalism, broadcasting and is interested in photography. Lydia has great red hair and a nose ring (which instantly gives her cool points in my book...) Hayley is graduating early and booked her session months in advance. Wen ended up doing a bunch of new stuff with doors in her session. Caitlin has a big blue truck and little white snake with pink eyes. Zack was one of the first people to use our online booking system (which I had been playing with and pretty much forgotten about!) and is an aspiring writer. So, that's what we're up to during the "slow" Senior season... the pace is already picking up. -sean ce_002btol1 ba_321bw1 jh_3872 jh_0362 jh_2161 ms_2251 pb_254sc1 ac_0721 lh_1421 hl_5801 cmc_4621 zf_4991