2 October


First, let me start off by saying a great big ol' sloppy thank you to all of you who have recommended us to your friends and neighbors. The word of mouth buzz we've got going right now is made possible by people like you. As you may have noticed, the blog updates are not as frequent as I intended them to be. That is also because of people like you... in a good way. We have been slammed for the past two weeks as the phone has rung off of the hook. We're almost booked into the beginning of November right now and we're doing backflips about it (about 80% senior portraits). We continue to have a great time with the sessions we're doing and have lots of stuff in store for the near future (keep your eyes peeled for some youtube goodies) Thanks again to everyone who stopped by the sofa on Friday night... we're working on the pictures, really, we are!

Here's a little bit of what we've been up to.