2 February

Tybee: Two Down, One to Go

Wow... it's hard to believe that we've already been down here for 2 months. We've got this amazing place at the beach for one more month and we're going to make sure to make the most of it. Last month we had friends from Kansas, Indiana and Iowa visit, all of them on their way back North from Florida. Wen's mom came down for a week at the last minute and planned to ride back with our son Carder, who was coming to visit us for a couple of days at the end of his leave. The Coast Guard had other plans. After an 8 hour drive, he got a text from his station (in Connecticut) which basically told him that he'd have to leave in less than 15 hours to get back in time for a rescheduled duty... Ah well, we made the most of that quick time too. Sometimes, that's all you can do. I've had in interest in video production for years and had the opportunity to head down to Florida to do some shooting for a photo industry manufacturing company, with some additional footage being shot for a possible side project later this summer. I had a blast and the client is very happy with the final output. I'm exploring some other avenues for video production as well as continuing to promote my wedding video services. Wen had been inspired to work on a personal portrait project featuring interesting people here on the island (and there are plenty!) which may end up turning into something more. We also found out early in the month that the Cyber School we had hoped to enroll the girls in, was accepting enrollment for the second semester. I spent a couple of days chasing down info and jumping though hoops, but we got it all put together and are figuring the whole thing out. Being down here has given us a chance to spend lots of time with the kids as well as with the many new friends we've met. We've talked and laughed and dreamed. We've also been reminded that even though we don't always know what's ahead, there is a bigger plan... and it's good. So as we wind down our time at the beach and start cranking up for the year ahead, we do it with a new perspective... and that's what we were hoping for in the first place.