26 February

Wonderfully Cold – My New Hero

With all of this prom stuff, it almost seems like we're not doing anything else... well, that's not exactly the case. We've still been doing some Senior sessions and having a great time.

Virginia winters leave you guessing every day, and sometimes you get lucky. Danielle got a sunny, warm day to shoot, so we got to do inside and outside stuff on the same day. Victoria, however, wanted some snow... we had to split her session, rescheduling the outside stuff because of rain... and wouldn't you know it, she got her wish (she should have been more specific, because as you can see, she is in a prom dress... in the snow) I got to play sherpa on this shoot, lending my jacket between shots. She did wear flip flops to the shoot, so we didn't feel too bad.

We also found some pretty cool places around F'burg to shoot... anyone else wanna go downtown? (you might have to get out of school a little bit early because of light, but you're okay with that, right?)

Here are some of the images... enjoy